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Rice fields in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Newsletter 2024/1

Friday, March  29, 2024

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2024! In this edition, we delve into the world of Vietnamese cuisine and explore the latest trends in the agricultural sector that shape this unique taste. We wish a relaxing time reading and a happy Easter!


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⚡Focus Topic: Vietnamese Appetites Embrace the World - A Growing Love Affair with International Cuisine

Vietnam's culinary scene is no stranger to delicious diversity. While pho and spring rolls remain national favorites, a new wave of international flavors is tantalizing Vietnamese taste buds. This openness to foreign cuisine is driven by a combination of factors, including a booming economy, a young and adventurous population, and the growing influence of social media.

A Younger Generation, Hungrier for New Experiences

Vietnam's youthful demographic plays a key role in this trend. With a rising disposable income and a thirst for new experiences, young Vietnamese are eager to explore international flavors. From Korean BBQ to Japanese sushi, these establishments cater to a growing desire for culinary exploration. The Chinese Hotpot chain Haidilao made a splash upon entering the Vietnamese market by offering a unique dining experience for Vietnamese customers, with its emphasis on high-quality ingredients, personalized service (think manicures while you wait!), and fun extras like free snacks and games.














Haidilao Vietnam

Social Media Fuels the Craving

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok serve as a constant source of inspiration. Food bloggers and influencers showcase international dishes, piquing the curiosity of Vietnamese viewers. This online exposure fuels the desire to try these exotic creations, leading to a surge in popularity for specific cuisines or dishes. As Vietnamese audiences fall in love with Korean dramas and music, they're also developing a fascination with Korean food. Shows often depict mouthwatering dishes like kimchi, bibimbap, and Korean BBQ, piquing viewers' curiosity and desire to try them. 







Mukbang – Viral Korean food YouTube trend – The Today Show




International Grocers Open Up a World of Flavors

The increasing presence of international supermarkets and grocery stores is another key driver. These stores offer a wider variety of imported ingredients, allowing Vietnamese home cooks to experiment with foreign recipes. From fragrant Thai curries to hearty Italian pastas, the ability to recreate these dishes at home fosters a deeper appreciation for international flavors. Stores like An Nam Gourmet and L's Place are therefore treasure troves for expats and adventurous eaters alike. Cold cuts, cheeses, gluten-free options and a curated selection of international wines indeed expand the Vietnamese culinary horizons.

L's Place shelves full of imported brands

Annam Gourmet Market



Fusion Cuisine: A Marriage of Tradition and Innovation

This openness isn't a one-way street. Vietnamese chefs are also incorporating international influences into their own creations. This fusion cuisine combines traditional Vietnamese ingredients and cooking techniques with foreign flavors, resulting in exciting and innovative dishes. This trend not only satisfies the Vietnamese desire for new experiences but also introduces Vietnamese cuisine to a wider global audience.

4P’s Bo Kho Pizza



Packaged food producers also take this chance to innovate their products to fulfill the experiment-friendly tastebuds of consumers. PepsiCo recently featured the Lay’s chips with Hanoi Beef Pho flavor. As cherishing local essence has always been a clever PR mechanism of international brands, the local Sabeco did not miss the mix-n-match wave to further reach their customers. Saigon Coffee Infused Beer is a unique fusion that blends the roasted bitterness of coffee with the crispness of lager. The beverage has received positive reviews for its interesting and balanced flavor profile - a subtle sweetness and a lingering coffee aftertaste.

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