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Food labeling


According to Decree 43/2017 / ND-CP, food and nutrition labels must bear the following information (in Vietnamese):

  • Product name

  • Ingredients or quantities of ingredients (for food)

  • Product quantity

  • Production date (format DD-MM-YY)

  • Expiry or use-by date (format DD-MM-YY)

  • Instructions for use and storage (for food)

  • Name of the person and organization responsible for the product (both manufacturer and importer for imported goods)

  • Country of origin

  • Number of the certificate of conformity for food safety or declaration of conformity

  • Recommendations or warnings about food safety, if applicable

For imported products with a label that does not adequately provide mandatory information in Vietnamese, a second label with the required information in Vietnamese is required.

Special provisions apply to prepackaged genetically modified foods that contain at least one genetically modified ingredient that makes up more than 5% of the total amount of ingredients. The name of the genetically modified ingredients must include the addition "biến đổi gen" (genetically modified) on the product label.

Food additives must be included on the labels along with their class name and international code. The sentence "Use for food" (in Vietnamese "Dùng cho thực phẩm") must be written after the additive name in bold type with a height of at least 2mm.


Alcoholic beverage labels must contain the following information (in Vietnamese):

  • Product name

  • Name of the person and organization responsible for the product (both manufacturer and importer)

  • Country of origin

  • crowd

  • Ethanol (alcohol) content

  • Storage instructions (for wine)

  • Expiration date (if any)

  • Batch number (if available)


Food and drinks can also have two labels (in the original language and in Vietnamese). In this case, however, the foreign label should have the same content and dimensions or be smaller than the Vietnamese label.

The labeling of functional foods, food additives, irradiated foods and genetically modified foods must meet the following criteria:

  • Functional food must contain the reference "functional food" and must not in any way imply that the food can replace medication;

  • Food additives must contain the addition "food additive" and contain information on the scope, dosage and use;

  • Irradiated food must contain the words "irradiated food";

  • Genetically modified food must contain the note "genetically modified food".

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