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High Level Mission of European Union’s Commissioner Wojciechowski to Vietnam

Led by the Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski, a business delegation of senior representatives from the EU agri-food sector has been visiting Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City) from 10-14 July 2022.

The high-level mission aims to give European producers’ representatives the opportunity to meet not only potential partners from the local market but also representatives of the agri-food sector from the country. The mission’s programme includes informative seminars on the characteristics of the local market and consumer trends, retail and site visits, and networking opportunities.

Background Although Vietnam is still a developing economy, it is projected to have strong economic growth in the coming years. It is going through a process of urbanisation and change in tastes and lifestyle, so consumption of diverse agri-food products is expected to increase across the board for most product categories. The entry into force of the EU-Vietnam FTA on 1 August 2020 will level the playing field over time and give EU exporters an advantage.

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