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Eggcellent Theater pavilion at Vietstock 2022

The exhibitions Vietstock, Vietfeed and Vietmeat will take place from October 12-14, 2022 at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC). The products and services on display are in the fields of livestock and poultry farming, slaughter, and food processing.

A highlight of this event is the Eggcellent Theater pavilion hosted by the Vietnam Poultry Association (Hiệp hội Gia cầm Việt Nam) and the Vietnam Livestock Association (Hội Chăn nuôi Việt Nam) and the sponsors Dabaco, Ba Huan, Vinh Thanh Dat. There will be activities to celebrate the World's Egg Day (this year on October 14, 2022), including workshops sharing topics around the nutritional benefits of eggs, an overview of egg production in Vietnam and the world, etc. This event is celebrated worldwide on the second Friday of October to honor the benefits and nutrition of Poultry Eggs for human health.

More info 👉here

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